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Helping Others is the Key to Happiness

You are investing in teens for teens who make a difference at home and abroad.

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Creating Global Citizens through Service

Teenagers Inc has had an indescribable effect on so many people. Many members began working with Teenagers Inc as early as middle school, at a time when our minds were so easily shaped by those around us. We could not have had a better opportunity for our young minds to grow and flourish. This organization allowed us to realize how far a helping hand could go, not only within our own community but across cultural and country borders as well.

A member of Teenagers Inc shared a quote with us during a reflection that is true for so many of us: "Guatemala is a home for my heart". Such a simple statement says so much for those of us who feel every bit of it. We can speak for everyone involved with Teenagers Inc when saying we feel beyond blessed to have been a part of it. This community created a bond that will never be broken because we all experienced the unparalleled feeling of being involved in something so much bigger than ourselves. This is a feeling that will shape our lives forever. This organization taught us the value of service and we could not be more grateful. It showed us that helping and caring for others is something we should prioritize for the rest of our lives.

We want to continue to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience this feeling first hand. The more support that we get from community members, the more students we can reach, and the more lives we can change. This organization's impact is felt by Teenagers Inc members as well as the people we connect with through our service. It is because of generous community members like you that Teenagers Inc is able to have such a lasting effect.

We cannot thank you enough for your generous support throughout many years. That being said, we are so excited to share with you our plans for the upcoming trip. We will be doing a figurative passing of the shovel, as we send our alumni from our very first trip to Guatemala, back again. The best part about it is that their trip will overlap with the new members of Teens Inc, who will be lucky enough to experience this life-changing trip for the very first time. So along with being a figurative passing of the shovel from the old to the new, it will be a physical one as well.

This investment would allow Teenagers Inc to continue inspiring future teenagers in the same way that we were. Attached, please find quotes from just a few of the people who were so touched by the impact that Teenagers Inc and their trip to Guatemala has had on them.

Thank you,

Maisey Bradley and Kate Dwyer

Teenagers Inc Alumni

"The service and travel experience of my trips with Teens Inc introduced me to the developing world and took me out of the US for the first time. Now I make travel a priority every year and have a better understanding of my privilege and comfort in America." - Nick Crossan

"Teens Inc molded me into the person I am today. My desire to help people in every aspect of my life was formed early through the community service activities we performed."

- Michael Dwyer

"The first home I built with Teens Inc was for a family of 7, which is the same size as my own and they shared a single bed. These people with so little were just such a joy to be around, positive and happy all of the time. It made me realize how blessed I was for the place I call home."

- Ione Gallagher

"Teens inc allowed me the opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime experience to travel to Guatemala and submerge into its culture. I will never forget the bond I made with the people we served. They taught me that happiness isn't in what we have but how we react and respond to what life throws at us. The people of Guatemala have close to nothing, but they are the happiest and most friendly humans I've ever encountered. Their smiling faces made it extremely tough to leave behind and I hope to have the chance to go back sometime soon!" - Brooke McMahon

"It was truly inspiring to go to a place that had so little and yet were the happiest people I'd ever met, it made me look at every day and everything I had differently" - Cameron Callanan

"Teens Inc and especially the trips to Guatemala showed me that there is nothing more important in this world than giving your love to others through service. My service experiences from a young age have carried me towards a life of fulfillment." - Brendan Dwye

"Guatemala is a home for my heart." - Patrick Tatlonghari

"Everyone should experience Guatemala and all it has to offer at least once in their lifetime." - Samantha Bauer

"Guatemala ignited a fire within me. It made me more adventurous and curious. It gave an appreciation of different cultures and people. I can't wait to go back." - Bronagh Dougla

And now the journey continues…

  • we search for new teens who want to see the world differently,
  • we work with Workready teens who will garden, make t-shirts, let others know about Teens Inc and help out in Chestnut Hill, Mt Airy and Germantown,
  • we solidify community partner relationships to magnify our impact here and abroad (look for new trips).
  • most importantly, we build the infrastructure that will sustain Teens Inc.

It is because of neighbors, parents and friends like you who will help build systems to sustain the next twenty years so we are able to continue our traditional projects while expanding our reach and impact.

  • Global Citizen - Ensure teens connect to the world through global service
  • Mentor - Create an opportunity for our teens to have mentors
  • Boss - Keep the Inc Spot open this summer for Workready
  • Health Nut - Buy healthy snacks for a month for the Inc Spot
  • Adopt a Suitcase - Two 50 pound bags to Guatemala to provide medical & school supplies
  • Sponsor a teen from Workready to be a member of Teens Inc for the year


Jason Huber